Dick and Jane Letterpress is a custom wedding invitation and stationery studio located on the Minneapolis/St Paul line of the Twin Cities. We are a family owned and operated business built on family values. We believe in responsibility, high expectations, hard work and reward for a job well done.

The business started in 2006 by owners, Brian and Natalie Durk. The duo needed letterpress wedding invitations. As the couple searched Boston for letterpress wedding invitation providers, they were shocked by the enormous price tags. Luckily, Brian had already built a few years of print and commercial letterpress experience through high school.

It was decided! The duo managed to locate a Golding Pearl press in need of restoration. After the restoration, invitations were printed and received with great enthusiasm! From there, it seemed as though everyone they knew were getting married! What started as a fun idea turned into something quite surprising and inspiring! Before anyone realized, Brian and Natalie found themselves designing and printing invitations for friends and family members, a website was launched, and a few extra presses and other miscellaneous equipment began appearing to start refining the production.

Dick and Jane Letterpress has since been relocated to the midwest (Saint Paul Minnesota). Now in St. Paul, the shop has expanded to include a few more team members, more services, and even a couple more members to the family, Jameson & Maggie. Thanks to a collection of great clients and a little good fortune, Dick and Jane Letterpress has since received national recognition for affordable letterpress, quality, and exquisite customer service. Special thanks to all our clients and individuals behind the scenes who have helped along the way!